Himalayan Saffron Body Butter

Himalayan Saffron Body Butter

A gentle skin care routine with the richness of Saffron and butter
to keep your skin glowing and moisturized.

Himalayan Saffron Body Butter

Himalayan Saffron Body Butter


Saffron is a well known active ingredient that promotes healthy skin and keeps it glowing all day long. Ecotique's Himalayan Saffron Body Butter contains a natural mix of nourishing and soothing butters & saffron extract that help hydrate and shield your skin against moisture loss and prolonged sun exposure.

Feel fabulous while you apply this rich saffron and butter natural moisturizing cream on your beautiful skin and start your day feeling pampered.


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Ecotique is founded with a passion to promote cruelty and chemical free natural cosmetic products that hydrates and illuminates your skin. Our premium range of products offers holistic healthcare approach by infusing the best practices of traditional natural beauty care and translating it in a modern form.