Why We Don’t Need Artificial Fragrance in Skin Care

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Why We Don’t Need Artificial Fragrance in Skin Care

BY Team Ecotique

Fragrance, whether natural or synthetic, is a common sensitizing agent for all skin types. We all have experienced, Especially for those with sensitive skin, how one application of a perfumed lotion can be enough to trigger redness, bumps, and even zits.

The way most fragrance ingredients impart scent is through a volatile reaction and this reaction has a sensitizing effect on the skin. Although the entire cosmetic industry has experimented in replacing many synthetic and artificial fragrances with more natural substitutes, certain people don’t react well to the scented stuff no matter what it’s made from.

Why Do Most of the Cosmetic Products Contain Fragrance?

This seems to be a very common question and for this, the answer is very simple – because we love to use products on our skin that smells awesome. The fragrance is generally used in skincare products to give a sense of indulgence where it doesn’t serve any functional purpose. Cosmetic brands have thoroughly understood this fact and they invest a lot in making products that smell pleasant and unique.

We might probably assume that fragrances are 100% safe, and that’s exactly what manufacturers want you to think. Thus, a beautiful, wafting scent helps cover up the product’s less-than-pleasing normal smell and that’s why it is added in cosmetic products.

Top 5 Reasons Why We Should Avoid Cosmetics with Artificial Fragrance: (Either stick to the third person or keep it a dialogue)

• Artificial fragrances are directly related to a serious number of health risks. Scientifically, chemicals used to make fragrances are classified as allergens, hormone disruptors, asthma triggers, neurotoxins & carcinogens and these are highly toxic.

Phthalates are the common ingredients found in fragrances and these increase the scents shelf life and the adverse effects of this chemical include cancer, human reproductive and developmental toxicity, and respiratory problems.

Manufacturers can skip out the synthetic or artificial components they use in their cosmetic product with a banner “Trade secret”. So, they are using a product without knowing what it is and what it does.

The artificial or synthetic fragrance chemicals that can pass into our blood easily may cause some chronic diseases when we are exposed to it excessively.

Synthetic fragrances when used regularly have been known to cause neurological problems such as migraines, nausea, and dizziness.

Ways to Avoid Synthetic Fragrances:

The first thing you have to do is, research thoroughly regarding products you wish to buy, ingredients and their harmful effects if any.

Thoroughly scan the product labels. Be aware of what terms like Q.S. or trade secrets could mean.

Get a consultation from a dermatologist and determine the products that could be harmless.

If your skin is prone to allergies or is sensitive, speak with your primary care doctor about taking a perfume allergy test and this test could help you identify and avoid chemicals that cause allergic reactions.

What are Essential Oils and How they can Be An Alternative?

Due to the core reason that the presence of synthetic scents in our daily lives is prolific, it is essential to look for alternatives. Cosmetic products that contain essential oils can be a quick alternative that is safe for your skin. Essential oils are in general obtained from flowers, herbs, and tree parts like bark, roots, peels, and petals through distillation (via steam and/or water) or mechanical methods, such a s cold pressing. To make just 1 pound of lavender essential oil, more than 200 pounds of lavender flowers are required.

Most of the essential oils have cosmetic benefits in addition to their therapeutic properties. In particular, they are known to help revive your skin with protects from pollutants, infections and skin diseases. Because of these qualities, essential oils are widely utilized in the making of cosmetics. Essential oils are also admired for possessing relaxation and skin curing properties and due to this, they are added in bath water, massage oils, liquid cleansers, homemade facials, masks, facial oils, floral waters & mists. We have to add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to some base oil or neutral cream.

Ecotique – A Synthetic Free Natural Cosmetic Brand For Natural & Glowing Skin

Ecotique is a natural beauty care range, incorporating the most effective natural ingredients in modern Skincare. We bring you the best practices of traditional natural beauty care in a modern form. They make use of Ecocert certified natural, synthetic-free ingredients. It means that they don’t use any artificial/synthetic fragrances are conscious of the ingredients used in the products they offer, down to the use of 100% natural and safe essential oils to perfume the products.

The cosmetics market of today is oriented towards health, overall wellness, and with an emphasis on environmentally and socially friendly choice. Ecotique offers a range of natural skin care products that could be a perfect companion for your healthy and glowing skin.

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