7 Tips to Improve your skin Quality

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7 Tips to Improve your skin Quality

BY Team Ecotique

Skin is the largest sensory organ that performs important functions that is very much needed for our survival. Whether you are a homemaker, student, or a working professional, having a picture-perfect, glowing skin is a natural desire for us. Generally, the skin has the characteristics of changing over the years and the innate aging process and environmental stressors like harmful UV rays play a crucial role in changing the texture of our skin. It’s a fact that you cannot hold on to your aging factors, but you can surely slow down the loss of healthy glow and radiance from your skin.

Most people are turning skin conscious today. We want our skin to look young and healthy, and for that, we usually follow some remedies that could protect our skin from whatever possible harm. Having a morning and an evening skincare routine keeps your skin protected and moisturized that can help maintain a smooth, even texture. The goal of a proper skin-care routine is to provide all the necessary inputs to your skin so it’s functioning at its best, and also repair or target the damages if any. In this blog, we would love to share some quick tips on how to improve your skin quality naturally.

1. The habit of Washing The Face Atleast Twice A Day

This is very generic advice that helps your skin to be free from dust, dirt, grit, and oil. Washing your face too often, however, will strip the moisture and natural oils from your skin. This will cause your skin to produce even more oil to compensate. Here are some tips for washing your face:

Try using blotting papers in case your skin gets oily during the day. They are available in most of the beauty shops.

Try to avoid using hot water when washing your face. Hot water can dry your skin.

Wash your face and remove your makeup before going to bed because sleeping with your makeup may clog your pores and end up with a breakout.

2. Exfoliate

In general, the epidermal layer of the skin easily gets dirty and grimy, looking dead. For this, exfoliation always works wonders and it is essential to scrub with cleansing grains to give your skin a more porcelain look. Having exfoliation as your regular skin routine will help prevent clogged pores, resulting in fewer breakouts.

3. Cleanse

Cleansing is the foundation of any healthy skincare routine and in general, it assists in the skin’s natural restoration process, removing grime, bacteria, excess sebum, and pollutants. It is highly essential to choose a gentle, fragrance-free, water-soluble cleanser that suits your skin type and also not be greasy and clog pores.

4. Tone

Willing to have a youthful and rejuvenated skin look and feel? Toners help in the process of cleaning the oil from the skin and also help in improving the blood circulation. Soak two cotton wool pads with toner or hydrosols like rose, lavender, orange and sweep across the face and neck with upward and outward movement.

5. Moisturize

It is highly essential for daytime replenishment to keep your skin soft and free from the drying effects of your skin. After your cleansing routine, applying hydrating cream or lotion would be more helpful to make your skin soft and supple. It is highly advisable to use a very light product that has no adverse effects like skin irritation and allergies.

6. SPF as a Routine

UVA and UVB rays are harmful and can lead to skin cancer. Also, UVA rays can speed up the signs of aging whereas the UVB rays cause sunburns. Using an SPF 50 is highly recommended for the fair-skinned or those who burn easily. So essentially it is recommended to choose a sunscreen with SPF 30 or go as High as 50 based on your skin type.

7. Eat a healthy diet

Nutrition is important for health. And eventually, an unhealthy diet can damage your metabolism, cause weight gain and even hurt organs. If you look for a glowing, vibrant, and younger-looking skin, make sure you are drinking plenty of water and eating a healthy skin diet.

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