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The Best of the Best

Our Top four selling products focus on restoring your skin's natural vibrancy and health. All have been designed with the aim of maximizing Naturalness and zero use of harmful chemicals. Each products works in harmony to promote well-being of your skin & body's natural function. The ingredients used come from every corner of the globe, combining ancient tradition and modern knowledge to create natural beauty and skincare accessories.

Brand Philosophy

Ecotique is a natural beauty care range, incorporating the most effective natural ingredients in modern products. We bring you the best practices of traditional natural beauty care in a modern form.

Be it saffron from Himalayas, Lavender oil from Bulgaria, Volcanic Ash from Peru, Cedarwood Oil from Texas, Geranium oil from Egypt or Teatree oil from Australia, we have brought together the best natural actives to make truly effective products. Using modern techniques, these natural actives have been incorporated into state of the art, luxurious products.

We take great care to maximise the “naturalness” of the product such that the entire formulation is largely made of ecocert certified ingredients.

Brand Philosophy


Ecotique is founded with a passion to promote cruelty and chemical free natural cosmetic products that hydrates and illuminates your skin. Our premium range of products offers holistic healthcare approach by infusing the best practices of traditional natural beauty care and translating it in a modern form.